The Shops Sweetheart: Luisa Hammett of Peaches to Pearls

Beautiful, classic and graceful are only a few of our favorite words to describe blogger Luisa Hammett of Peaches to Pearls. Her tastes in fashion and food are undeniably perfect, and she just so happens to be one of the sweetest gals we know -- making her an easy pick for this month’s Shops Sweetheart!

An amazing mom and major lady boss, Luisa balances blogging, practicing nutrition, and spending time with her family. Her recipes are to die for and her style on point. We were so excited to sit down with her for some insight into her life. Check out our interview with her below!

Shops Sweetheart Luisa.png

1. What inspired you to start your blog, Peaches to Pearls?

I started blogging four years ago during my first year of graduate school at Georgia State. I had originally named it “Let’s Make it Better Blog” and it focused solely on food. I started it with the hopes of sharing my nutrition journey with readers and showcasing all the restaurants I was trying in Atlanta. After seeing that no one would remember that long name, I decided to rebrand and came up with Peaches to Pearls. The new name was a more accurate reflection of my personality and what I wanted to blog about- food and fashion. After I rebranded, my little blog took off and it has allowed me to work with more people and brands that I could have ever imagined.

2. How do you balance being a mom, a blogger, and having a job?

To be completely honest, I balance being a Mom, a blogger and having a job by giving myself constant grace. There are many times I feel overwhelmed, but I take a step back and remind myself that I do not have to be supermom. I also have learned to say no to things that will stress me out. It’s okay not to be at every event and take on every project that comes my way! All that plus a very supportive husband a few glasses of wine!

3. Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

I get my fashion inspiration from a mixture of various outlets such as social media, Pinterest and magazines. I usually will see something I like on someone else and imagine how I will make it my own! I also love mixing classic staples like an elegant skirt with newer pieces!

4. Where is your favorite spot for a Girls Night Out?

My favorite spot for a Girls Night Out would have to be Bar Taco! They have amazing margaritas and some healthy dishes to pick from!

5. Where is your favorite spot to dine in The Shops Buckhead Atlanta?

My favorite spot to dine at The Shops Buckhead Atlanta would have to be Le Bilboquet. I love French food and Le Bilboquet does an excellent job with classic dishes like Madame Croque or their Steak and Frites! They also have a great wine selection so it’s the perfect spot for a date night or ladies lunch.  

6. What is your current beauty must-have?

My current beauty must have is moisturizer with SPF in it and my YSL Volupte Shine Lipstick in pink!

7. What is the #1 thing motherhood has taught you?

Since I am a first time Mom, I feel like every single day I learn something new. But if I had to say the #1 thing I have learned is that you have to live in the moment and soak in this stage of life while you can.

8. What is your current favorite summer cocktail?

My current favorite summer cocktail is one I was taught by sommelier John from Barnsley Resort. It calls for Empress 1908 Gin and citrus! You can find the full recipe on my blog but it’s very refreshing and perfect for summer!

9. What is your #1 travel essential?

My #1 travel essential would have to be my travel journal. I love writing down everything I see, eat and experience while visiting somewhere new!

10. What is your life mantra?

“Never, never, never give up” Winston Churchill

11. You need an outfit for date night with your hubby. Which The Shops Buckhead Atlanta retailer do you visit?

I would head to Cynthia Rowley! They always have beautiful pieces, especially for a date night!