Diptyque is a Paris-based company that produces a line of scented candles and perfumes. Founded in 1961 by three friends (painter Desmond Knox-Leet, set designer Yves Coueslant, and Christiane Gautrot, who was working in an architecture firm), the company introduced a line of scented candles in 1963 that eventually became the main focus of its business. There are now more than 50 scented candles in the product line. Each of the nine steps of production are carefully studied and managed to ensure quality of product. The candles are available in a choice of around fifty scents, inspired by childhood memories, nature or journeys. In 1968, diptyque launched its first unisex eau de toilette, L'Eau. Numerous creations have followed since, with signature fragrances appealing to men and women alike, in various styles from solid perfumes great for traveling to roll-ons.

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