It all began in Paris during the 1960’s. The French capital was the leader of the European cultural and economic renaissance, the land of inspiration and passion. The stars of the new revolution of style get together at Café des Anglais, the Palladium and in the local Montmartre spots. “Salut les Copains” is a radio program dedicated to the artists of Boulevard Saint Michel that anticipated the fashion and lifestyles of the times. The brand name is dedicated to that unique, unrepeatable atmosphere.

Knitwear takes the stage and is put in the spot light. It no longer has a simply traditional and functional role, but it assumes a noble, more fascinating aspect. The production is now influenced by the ideas of the Prét-à-Porter designers. Les Copains blends the colours of art with the most innovative technologies, it creates atypical practices and turns them into novelties. The Knitwear revolution is completed. Global knitwear takes its first steps and Les Copains sets sail to conquer the world.

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