Lindbergh offers looks for men through The Black Label, The Whitel Label and The Blue Label.

The Black Label is the preppy and classic formal collection of Lindbergh. A label containing all garment groups and where the most essential ones are shirts, suits, jackets and knits. This label also contains a solid range of accessories, from socks to shoes and scarfs. The fitting is modern and the garments are characterized by a high quality level. The look is signified by an authentic, smart and sporty Italian style. The colors are both neutral and fresh, the level of details is simple, yet sophisticated, with a strong element of problem solving. The Black Label contributes to the basic wardrobe, as well as the sustainable luxury look. It is clothing and accessories for today’s informed man. 

The White Label is the vibrant and edgy collection of Lindbergh, facing forward from a fashion point of view, with a look that reflects simplicity and coolness. The six annual collections from Lindbergh White, counting all garments groups, are eccentric and strive to set its own rules. The silhouettes are shaped and tight fitted. The design reveals convenience and individuality. The identity and core of the White Label are based upon independence and personal style. Our guy is a first mover, who see’s life as a journey and want to explore and go beyond boundaries. This adventurous mentality is synonymous with the character of Charles Lindbergh. Fundamentals of neutral and colorful tones, determined and refined details, clean stitching and edgy treatments, outlines the collections. The White Label is relaxed, yet formal it is fast moving and innovative, seeking true values in every aspect. A contradiction that nonetheless encapsulates the notion of Lindbergh White. 

The Blue Label is the rugged and casual collection of Lindbergh. The look is signified by the inspiration of Americana – a solid combination of sporty, military and vintage clothing – combined with a strong denim identity. All based on high industrial quality and with a strong element of problem solving.  The ambition is to integrate fully functioned utility in the garments. Moreover the aviation heritage and identity of Charles Lindbergh are strongly incorporated in the Blue Label collection.  The assortment holds all garments groups, with jeans, casual shirts, t- shirt and jackets, as the most leading ones. The design team behind Lindbergh are dedicated to secure a cool and masculine look, based on high industrial quality, with respect for the strong heritage of the Lindbergh label.  In addition to this, we seek to find a solid balance between design, quality and affordable price. Elements of neutral and colorful tones, rough stitching, simple details and edgy treatments, defines the collection. The shapes are fitted and we always use the finest materials for the Lindbergh garments. The Blue Label is progressive, honest and cool.

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